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::Working Principle::

Safetec mirror defogger effectively transforms electricity power into heat energy, and then passes directly on mirror to heating up the mirror surface, warm up the mirror to a comfort temperature by the special rated power, which prevents the mirror surface from condensation of steam in bathroom effectively.


::Size and Energy consumption of defogger::

The size of defogger can be customized to meet your special demands.


Light and thin: the thickness film is 0.4mm, this thickness guarantees the effective transfer of energy.
Energy saving: the defogger is with full backing self-adhesive glue, this ensures effective energy conduction.
Safely to use: all the defoggers are manufactured by excellent raw materials according to international standard. The finished product quality conforms to the corresponding international standard. The back self-adhesive glue is not only good for heat conducting, but also prevent water from mirror. And it’s safe to use in moist bathroom.
various options: the heating area of the defogger is made in different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval, round etc. This not only plays the role of mirror demising but also meets the personal requirement of creating a more comfortable and beautiful environment.
Easy to install: the defogger with self-adhesive backing glue, easy to install to mirror and work effectively.


::Categories of Mirror Defoggers::

According to customers demands, Safetec offers two kinds of defoggers

PVC Series
PET Series

The Difference between two categories :

Key Material PET PVC
Main Performance

1. Outstanding wear resistance;
2. Rigidity, hardness, dimension all have high stability.
3. High temperature tolerance, the Softening temperature is above 180˚c, and Hot-melt temperature is above
260˚c, it wouldn’t be out of shape under normal heating
4. good Electrical insulation performance
5. The product life time is long, can be used for over 10 years

1. The wear resistance is not strong,? it is thermoplastic
2. Rigidity, hardness and dimension are not stable, easy to shrin
3. Low heat resistance, the softening temperature is 80˚c, it goes decomposition in 130˚c, and goes deformation under normal heating condition.
4. Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and good mechanical performance
5. Good Electrical insulation performance
6. The life time is short, generally,5-6 years

Performance In application

It won’t become hard or brittle in winter, nor get soft in summer; temperature changes will not affect the installation. High rigidity, not easy to damage when in storage or installation

It will become hard and brittle in winter, so the product is easy to be damaged during installation. In summer, it will get soft which cause bubbles during installation. Low rigidity caused the easy damage when in storage or installation


The product can meet international standards, CE,UL, SAA,PSE

Superior quality in domestic market
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