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People who stay in hotels and motels are familiar with what are commonly known as 'do not disturb' signs or 'make up' signs. Such signs are typically small rectangular paper or plastic signs which may be hung on the outside handle or doorknob of the door of a hotel guestroom to indicate that the guest staying in that room desires privacy or needs housekeeping staffs clean the room.

Safetec doorbell system is described intelligent touch panel device of combination of doorbell and 'do not disturb' and 'make up' signs in hotel guestrooms. Besides doorbell function, the system comprises means for allowing a hotel guest to choose, from within the room, a message to convey to hotel staff and others such as 'do not disturb' or 'make up'. The message is expressed by indicators housed within the touch panel located outside of the guestroom, which are visible clearly to passers-by even in the dark.

::Touch operation::

Once visitors touch the surface of that doorbell touch panel installed outside the room, the doorbell chime will ring. If hotel guests do not want any disturb, he/she touch that button of touch panel fixed indoor to express instruction, sequently an indicator on the touch panel outdoor will be turned on to tell others 'DO NOT DISTURB'. It is the same case for 'MAKE UP' button of touch panel.

::LED backlight indicator::

With LED backlight indicator, even in the dark, system can indicate the status of a hotel room to hotel staff and others and comprises selecting means allowing a hotel guest to select a message to be conveyed to a recipient, the selecting means accessible to the hotel guest within the interior of a hotel room. The system also comprises indicating means connected to the selecting means for indicating the message selected by the hotel guest to the recipient, the indicating means being accessible to the recipient outside of the hotel room.


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