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:: Feaures ::

ANSI Mortise 5 latches, motor built-in with alarming function
Door thickness between 38mm and 65mm;
Finish: Satin chrome and Satin chrome with golden edge;
Philip Mifare-1 proximity card, complies ISO14443 standard 8kbits ram, 16 sectors, each sector has 48 bit memory, can read, write and encrypt. Suitable for "uni-card" application;
Multi-application: Compatibility with DLL, FILE, PMS-VC, WINSOCKET, FIDELIO;
Reader: Touchless;
Reader time: 1-2 seconds;
Working voltage: 6V, four AA alkaline batteries;
Standard mechanical key override;
Audit trail records the last 828 unlocking transactions;
System consists of Lock, Encoder, Software, Mifare card, Query card. Optional devices: Energy Saving Switch, Elevator Controller.

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Entrance Function
A lock will be set as entrance door lock to make authorized guests or staff unlock, max. 15 entrance locks can be set in a system.

Energy Saver
Special for Mifare card,that only Mifare card in the hotel will work on it.

Elevator Controller
Enable the authorized card holders to access the specified floor.


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