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Complete Safety Management System

Large Capacity Unlocking Records: The latest 864 unlocking records will be stored (including the unlocking records by mechanical keys).
Grading Management with Clear Authority: The cards are classified as 14 categories in five grades according to the hotel daily management need.
Automatic Data Backup Function: A “Maintenance Plan” can be established in the SQL Server to realized automatic lock database backup at the background.
Spare Card Function: A spare card can be issued for each guest room. It can be used when there is power failure, or the PC breaks down.
Lift Card Function: If the lift controller and common door lock are installed, the lift card can be issued for the doorman to serve the guest.
Layer Card Function: It is to meet the need for managing suite guest room or public passage.
Guest Room Lock Function: When a guest room is leased out for a long time, or reserved for special use, this room can be “locked” in the software, and no operation can be done to this room unless the lock status is cancelled.
Meeting Function: This function will set the lock at “Normal Open” or “Normal Close” status for meeting.

Humanized Design

Do-Not-Disturb Function: When the guest turns out the deadbolt, a LED on the lock front panel will begin to flash, indicating “Do-Not-Disturb”.
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