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ANSI Mortise 5 latches, motor built-in with alarming function
Door thickness between 38mm and 65mm
Finish: Stainless steel or brass PVD coating
Philip Mifare-1 proximity card, complies ISO14443 standard
Card reading: Manual insert
Power supply: 4standard AA alkaline batteries
Standard mechanical key override
Audit trail records the last 864 unlocking transactions
System consists of Lock, Encoder, Software, Mifare card, Query card and Unlocking record reader
Optional devices: Energy Saving Switch, Elevator Controller

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Entrance Function
A lock will be set as entrance door lock to make authorized guests or staff unlock, max. 15 entrance locks can be set in a system.

Energy Saver
Special for Mifare card,that only Mifare card in the hotel will work on it.

Elevator Controller
Enable the authorized card holders to access the specified floor.


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